Daluhay is derived from the Philippine phrase ‘Daloy ng Buhay‘ which means Flow of Life in English. We chose this phrase to represent our activities because it captures our idea of what we feel our lives and work are about. Daluhay is dedicated to entering into the Flow of Life in a way that helps the flow to continue, for cultures and for the planet as a whole. We see the connection between the health of the environment and the health of people as being intrinsically connected.


DALUHAY sees a future world based on human equity and responsible engagement for environmental sustainability; where people are integrated with ecological systems from local settings to global functions


Daluhay wants to be a catalyst for a future where democratic approaches to public participation and representation are used to develop appropriate strategies that value the individual, self determination, cultures, equity and global sustainability. We want to facilitate an enhanced inclusion of people in the ecosystems on which they depend (which we refer to as ethnoecology) and the development of feedback loops that link people to positive change for a sustained biosphere, as a specific approach (that we consider to be best defined by the term: ecosystemics). We aim to help establish a better link between the health of the people and that of the environment in an ecohealth approach.

Our Pillars


Biodiversity conservation from ridge to reef


Culture preservation linked to environment conservation


Capacity building of Indigenous and Artisanal Communities in resource management and organizational development

Ridge to Reef Approach to Biodiversity
Conservation in Numbers

as of January 2020


hectares Indigenous Community Conserved
Areas and Territories (ICCAs) established


hectares Agricultural Protected
Area proposed


Indigenous and Artisanal communities
in Aurora empowered


hectares Inter-tidal, Marine Protected Area
and Ancestral Waters (ICCA) established


Daluhay mainly works with different stakeholders across all eight municipalities of Aurora Province. We have also initiated efforts in expanding our landscape and seascape approach across the ten provinces of the North Philippine Sea from Batanes to Sorsogon.


We believe that the participation of communities that directly rely upon natural resources are very essential in it’s conservation and protection. Moreover, coordination with different stakeholders also play a vital role towards synergistic and effective movement towards healthy communities and ecosystems.

Daluhay uses a multi-stakeholder approach for biodiversity conservation by working with Indigenous tribes of Aurora Province and artisanal communities across the Northern Philippine ; and linking initiatives with different sectors of the local, regional and national government agencies, non-government organizations and the academe.


Let’s sustain the flow of life together!